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Let's Rock Your Talk!

Find out what happens when you combine your personality and expertise into a simple talk that will serve more people and grow your business.

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  • Imagine shining a light on your unique gifts, your personality, and your expertise, so that you’re attracting highly-qualified clients… clients who dig you, just for being you.
  • Imagine being able to reach more people with your message, getting highly visible in a way that honors your lifestyle (and your energy).
  • Imagine speaking & generating a rush of revenue whenever you want it… so you can secure your dream lifestyle, your family, and your future.
  • And serving in the world in a way that only you can – creating a ripple effect that extends outward, far beyond your own reach.
  • Many coaches, consultants, authors, and experts start their business because you want to make a difference, and a great income at the same time. But you don’t want to have to sacrifice who you are to do it. And I think that’s honorable, and even more than that, its critical.
  • I mean that’s kinda the point of having your own business right? You want to show the world who you really are. Express yourself truly and authentically. Look the way you want to look. Sound the way you really sound. Help people the way only you can. And make a great living while you’re at it too!
  • Meet Kristin Thompson… She’s known as the “Rock Your Talk” girl because her own simple, 1-hour talk created well over a million dollars for her business. She’s the founder of, the host of the Rise Live Event, and creator of the new Rock Your Talk program for entrepreneurs. You’ll package your personality and your expertise into one rockin talk that creates a rush of visibility, clients and cashflow for your business.

And I know if you’ve found Kristin, you’re not just in business for the money.

If you’re like her many rockin clients… you are a caring person, a teacher at heart…and by being a coach, consultant, author or expert, you have the opportunity to make a big difference in so many lives… it is possible.

Kristin Thompson

Your Dream is
The Real Deal

Because when you show the world who you really are, and all you know, the perfect leads and clients will be drawn to you (and you’ll be having a blast)!

You don’t need to squash your joy, who you are, or your ideal lifestyle either. Kristin Thompson is a super-rockin, wise crackin, wife, mom, speaker, and trainer. She’s not a “genius”. And she’s not a “guru” either.

She’s the slightly rebellious, girl-next-door who will stand up for what’s right, even if she stands alone. And she knows exactly how to help you speak your mission and message, serve your purpose in a bigger & brighter way… and of course, grow your business by leaps and bounds.

Kristin’s greatest gift is her ability to help you see how special you really are, how to embrace your uniqueness, and package your expertise in a way that drives audiences wild for you!

She’s known for simple, easy-to-follow strategies that give clients big breakthroughs.

Real People.
Rockin Results

  • I doubled my rates and closed 100% of the room!
    Chelsey Marie of
  • I closed $7,200 my first speaking gig. Plus I had so many high-end, V.I.P. Day sales come in just one month, it was like people were throwing money at me. Thanks, Kristin!
    Kim Page of
  • Holy Shit! My 1st month of nearly $70,000! Just do what Kristin says. Period.
    Mary Bicknell of
  • I closed $3,000.00 in new business with just a few people in the room.
    Tracy Kay of

Let's Rock Your Talk
For Realz

Because Kristin works part-time, so that she can be a great wife and mom too, she can only see a few clients each year. And yet, her heart is calling her to serve more people. So she came up with a great solution.

The Rock Your Talk program is an exciting way to give you access to Kristin’s simple, high-impact strategies. If you’re ready to turn who you are, and what you know into a powerful talk that will impact audiences and create big paydays for your business, then you’ll want to pay close attention.

Kristin is opening the doors to the Rock Your Talk Program, for a limited time. In this program, she’ll walk you through the same 5-step process Kristin herself used to build a simple one-hour talk that has generated over a million dollars.

Take a peek below and you’ll see what you’ll experience with Kristin over the next few weeks:

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Module 1 - Rock Your Brand
  • The key to successfully standing out and getting noticed, is by being totally, authentically… and dare I say unapologetically YOU. So before you craft your talk, you’ll get crystal clear about your unique brand personality, and how you want to express it.
  • You’ll put your own “brand personality stamp” & style into your content, your rockin talk, & how you deliver it.
  • You’ll leave knowing the experience you want to give audiences, and your Rockin Plan to make it happen.
  • Sneak Peek Inside: The Four Personal Motivators, 12 Brand Personality Blueprints, Brand “Gap” Assessment, The Rock Your Brand Planner: Your Customizable Brand Personality Blueprint.
Module 2 - Rock Your System
  • Next you’ll turn your expertise, into a simple signature system that you can be known for in the market. This is super-easy to do, and it helps you quickly & effectively get known, communicate what you do, and how you help, so you can make a bigger impact.
  • Better yet, your branded signature system will be the foundation for your talk content, and the core teaching points of your own rockin program.
  • By the end of module two you’ll have your rockin talk title, hot talk teaching points, and your own “branded signature system” ready to rock. (its like a money maker in a box!)
  • Sneak Peek Inside: The Six-Figure Signature System Creator, Rockin Talk Title Templates, Hot “Talk Take-aways” Template, How to Create Content That Converts.
Module 3 - Rock Your Talk
  • Big pay days don’t come from a “nice talk”… They come from a “well-designed talk” that serves in a big way and generates big income at the same time.
  • You’ll easily design each key element of your talk, from the way you hit the stage, and get people’s attention, dazzle the audience with your thought-provoking main points, all the way through to a comfortable offer and close.
  • Because your content, personality, brand, and delivery is your own, you’re talk is still totally & unmistakably YOU. And because you’re using the rockin talk structure, it will be designed to give you the proven results that you’ve seen come for me and my clients too.
  • Sneak Peek Inside: The “OMG I Sound Amazing” Bio Template, “This Talk Rocks” Talk Introduction Template, Wow Demo Idea Generator, Personal Story Path, Teaching Point Template that Serves & Sells, 9-step Detailed Rockin Talk Template to SpeakServeGrow.
Module 4 - Rock Your Room
  • Now that you’ve got your brand, system, and talk nailed, you’ll dive into delivering your rockin talk. Learn simple ways to engage people, get the room interacting with you, and have the room so ready to take the next step, that the selling is pretty much secondary at this point.
  • This session shows you how to create a connection and rock with the room from the very moment you hit the stage all the way through to your comfortable close.
  • Learn simple ways to shift your audience's energy, captivate your audience, and turn any room full of strangers, into fans and happy paying clients.
  • Sneak Peek Inside: Prepare the Room to Rock, 4 Stages of Rocking the Room, Six Simple “State Shifters” to Win Back the Room, 9 Ways to Make a Cold Room Hot for Your Offer.
Module 5 - Rock Your Revenue
  • And for the big finale, you’ll create a rockin offer you’re comfortable and confident delivering. Plus, you’ll know how to set up your talk for bigger paydays BEFORE you set foot in the door. You’ll also learn the highest converting offers and why they work.
  • Discover several different pathways to profit from inside training & workshops for companies, to products and programs for individuals and entrepreneurs. Simply choose the way that works for you, your brand, your business, and your strengths.
  • Sneak Peek Inside: The 9-Step Comfortable Close, The Magic Formula for Order Forms that Convert, Rock Your Offer Creator, Easy-To-Use Closing the Room Sound Bytes, Rock Your Talk Steps In Action: watch the unedited video of Kristin speaking & selling at a live event.

Every Year at the rise live event, Kristin is heard saying...

it Works...
if You Work it

We’re all about straight talk here. And the truth is, that no program will work for you, if you’re not willing to dive in and apply what you learn. There is no magic wand, and there is no way for Kristin to do it for you. If you don’t go through the modules. If you won’t set aside time to participate. If you won’t give it a try…. I can promise this program will not get you results. However if you jump in, participate and put the steps into action for your business, you will see rockin results.

Remember just ONE speaking gig can pay you ten fold in a rush of new visibility, positioning, impact, speaking opportunities, hot leads, and amazing clients.

As my clients already know, if you’re all in with me, I’m all in to help you.

So Let's Rock it Out!

$997 or 4 payments of $297

Enroll today and I'll also give you access to these amazing trainings:

Because Kristin Likes to Get A Little Crazy!


Get More Gigs

Enjoy Kristin’s “30 Gigs in 30 Days!” speaking gig system so that you’ll know exactly how to approach event organizers, what to say, and why… so you can start booking your calendar with high-visibility speaking gigs right away! Any one with a message can get gigs immediately… so let’s get rockin!


Full Length Get more Gigs Training, Booking Script, Talk Promotion One Sheet Template, 30 Day Action Calendar, 30-day of hot tips and support straight to your inbox.


Rock Your Six-Figure Product

Follow our simple system for creating your own six-figure product or program you can sell at the end of your talk, whether you’re speaking online or live on stage.

This course shows you how to turn your system into a program, and promote it, so you can generate big pays, even while you’re at hanging at home in your pajamas.


Your Lifestyle, Your System, Your Content, Your Promotion, Your Profits.


Rock your Talk with Memory Power

Doesn’t matter if you feel like your memory is great, or not-sohot… either way you’ll easily learn how to memorize the points of your talk so you know it forwards, backwards, in and out of order.

Now you can drop your notes, connect with your audience, and focus on delivering a great talk…. rather than worrying about what you’re supposed to say next. When you know your talk that well... you'll be ready to rock your talk, comfortably connect with your audience, and close the room with confidence.


Double Your Memory (or more!)! Use our easy-to-learn, 3-step process and your presentations will never be the same! Recall 30, 40 even 50+ items forwards and backwards! When you enjoy that level of recall– your 10 point presentation will be a snap!

Long Term Memory Power! This program is not a quick fix and it's not a party trick either. This is a real, proven system (that’s been around since 500 bc) for recalling information now, AND LATER!

No-guessing, Verifiable Results! Our pre-and post-workshop memory exercises, identify exactly where you’re starting & see objectively where you finish, so that you can see how far you’ve come!


Four VIP Tickets
to the Rise Live Event

Join Kristin and her amazing friends and clients, for 3-days of live training that will help you learn how to rock your brand, talk, and revenue to new levels. Few things are better for your biz than a few days, in a beautiful location, totally focused on YOU, your goals, your dreams for your business.

You’ll get to network with amazing people. Meet Kristin in person. Have a rip-roaring good time. Meet new promotional partners, Book new interviews & speaking gigs, hone your talk, rock your close, and more!

The Cherry On Top

Join the SpeakServeGrow Private Facebook Group

Because Kristin wants to help you personally. You'll be joining Kristin's SpeakServeGrow community where you can ask questions and get support when you need it most. Here you can get yourself unstuck when challenges come your way, and celebrate every step foward too!


Two Customization & Group Mentoring Sessions

And to help you customize the strategies for your business, give answers to your most burning questions, and clarity when you need it most….

Kristin will host two Live, Rock Your Talk Group Customization & Mentoring Sessions to support you personally along the way.


microphone bracelets

Rock Your Talk Program & Bonus Package Total Value:


$997 or 4 payments of $297

What happens when you say yes?

Once you’re a member of the Rock Your Talk Program, you’ll receive a welcome email, and a welcome phone call too.

Your email will have a link and instructions on how to join the SpeakServeGrow Facebook Group.

And you’ll have your log in details to access the membership site, where you will have access to the modules & bonuses as they are released.


“Somewhere out there, someone is waiting to hear the message through YOU.”

- Kristin Thompson -

Please know, that I’m not into tire kickers, whiners, or program “collectors”. But I am all about helping real coaches, consultants, authors, and experts get their message out into the world, to speak your mission and message, serve your purpose in a bigger brighter way, and grow your business.

No more hiding. No more playing second fiddle. Your individual voice matters. Not because of ego, but because there is something special that happens when you carry the message to someone in need.

Its time to finally feel the freedom of being yourself in your business.Its time to rise up, and to lead in a meaningful way, and in doing so, you will create new pathways for others to join you in success.

$997 or 4 payments of $297

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Kristin's Rockin Guarantee!

So join Kristin in the Rock Your Talk Program, attend each training session during the first 30 days, in its entirety and show us how you implemented the action steps in your business, because we know this only works if you work it. If you've fully implemented what the sessions and bonus content and for some crazy reason you haven't made any progress, we'll return every penny of your investment back within 30 days of purchase.